14 Feb 2017

[TUTORIAL] Blue Valentine Makeup - Blogger Ceria Collaboration

Hi everyone! I hope you are not shocked neither terrified with the pictures below! Hahaha.

I have been receiving lots of requests regarding this look on Youtube. It's still on progress and I will be updating about it when it is up on Youtube down below in this post. :)

This look was inspired by the name of my lipstick I used here, Blue Valentine aaaand since it suits me really well. Hahaha, been kind of a blue lately but no worries! Even though Valentine is a bad date for me now, but today I don't feel so lonely as much as I thought I would be. =))

What about you guys? I hope you have a great day!

Ah, yep! So, because it is blue, I thought I'm gonna make a tear of out the makeup to make it look sad. :p There were many ideas in my head such as painted tears and so on but I ended up choosing this glitter tears. What do you think? :) I will list the products I used down below. :)

Products used:

Etude House New Drawing Eyebrow Duo
Flormar Waterproof Eyeliner no. 113

@thebalmid Mary Lou Manizer Sisters from @preorderbymimo
@ver88official Liquid Foundation no. 21 from @thelovedstuff
@vdl_cosmetics Color Correcting Base (Lavender)
@thesaem Perfection Cover Tip Concealer no. 1
@lagirlindonesia HD Pro Concealer in Highlight & Sand Beige for highlight and contour

@flormarindonesia Waterproof Eyeliner no. 113
@makeoverid Eyeliner (Royal Blue) for lower lash line
@bhcosmetics 28 Foiled Eye Shadow Palette from @beautyhaulindo over the lid and outer V (blue and dark plum)
@mizzucosmetics Eyeshadow Palette (Velvet Plum) for the outer crease
@tonymoly.official Backstage Gel Eyeliner (Black) for the upper liner
@secretkey Real Quick Skinny Eyeliner (Black) for the lower sharp line
@thebalmid Nude Tude Palette from @makeupuccino in Sultry for the base color
@thebalmid Voyage Palette Vol. 1 (Silver) for inner conner and brow bone

You can use any kind of glitters, but I recommend you to use smaller and subtle glitters. I mixed the color of dark blue and vivid purple glitters here. :)

@nyxcosmetics_indonesia Colour Mascara (Blue)
@lasplash x #HarryPotter (Alastor) from @kutekmurah

Lips: 👄
@lagirlindonesia Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick (Blue Valentine) from @makeupindo 

Don't forget to check out my other fellow bloggers version of supposedly sweet Valentine's Day makeup, you can track their Instagram on my Instagram post.

Also, please kindly check my sweet version of Valentine's Day makeup which is also a collaboration--with Bali Beauty Bloggers. ;)

Which one do you like more and why? You can tell me in the comment section! Have a great Valentine's Day everyone! ^^


  1. So gorgeus jess hasil makeupmu😍😍😍

  2. eye makeupnya pake lasplash yang lipmousse itu? omg pasti susah ngilanginnya ya >,<
    tapi cakep bangeet :D


  3. Sumpah suka banget sama festive make up mu. AKu bahkan belom move on dari yang CNY Make up <3


  4. sukak banget sm hasil makeupnyah ce . so sweet :)


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