5 Mar 2017

[REVIEW] MakeOver Smokey Palette

Hola amigos!
It's been quite a hectic schedule for me that I couldn't promote the blog posts anywhere after posting. *sigh*. But, whatever! It gives me joy since I received this newly launched product from MakeOver!

Several friends and beauty bloggers here had been talking about this palette too and for a local brand product, I think this one is well-craved by Indonesian woman. However, there's a bittersweet situation here. I'll give you the break downs below, so keep reading fellas! ;)

There are 2 types available, the Nudes contains nude colors. I have the Smokey palette one. In the local market, they costs IDR 195.000 for 10 grams per palette. To be honest, the nude one didn't really catch my attention, so I guess I'm lucky I got the smokey one from this form of collaboration between Bali Beauty Blogger and MakeOver

Each of us Bali Beauty Blogger members got a palette and a cool big #eyecentric makeup pouch. There are 2 pouch colors available, silver and gold. And once again, I am saved because I'm in love with the silver pouch! xD

This comes with a brush which I like the shapes, but the quality is just so so. I like how the brush is dual ended and it is comfortable to hold because it is quite long. Also, it has a fluffy brush to make blending especially for smokey eyes easier, and a wide angled brush. I said the brush was so so because the hair were not trimmed evenly. T_T

I won't say much about the packaging since I am not a packaging person but it is quite nice, not too much and I like the 'dark' and cool design. It is so light because it is made of plastic.

So, these are the color combos. It has shimmery and matte eyeshadows with warm to a bit cool tone shades.

 Texture: It's horrible. Sorry to say. But this smokey palette has fallouts and when I put them on my lids, it flies everywhere and fall on my cheeks. Can you imagine using dark smokey color and it ruined your base make up because they flies everywhere? They ARE smooth, yes. But even that smoothness just make it worse when the particles flied on my cheeks and when I tried to swipe them off with big fluffy brush, they just made worse mess because they are left a long line trace. Then what did I do? I had to erase the makeup on my cheeks and temple, after that reapplying the foundation and concealer. ;s If you are in a rush, never ever use this one or maybe you can, but just use the light colors.

This is the swatch, taken using flash. All swatches were using my fingertips and swiped once.

And this one was taken under natural indoor lighting.

From left to right:
  • Creme: matte cream eyeshadow
  • Silvervest: silver and shimmery
  • Rockstar: medium shade of grey. Has subtle shimmers
  • Peach Ladylike: this one is the prettiest of all. Rosy pink, a bit purplish shimmery
  • Midnight: not-that-pigmented dark blue which I found super pretty on the swatch, but not on the eyelids
  • Twilight: nice shimmery purple
  • Black Stiletto: black matte eyeshadow
  • Espresso: matte dark brown

Pigmentation: I expect something more (because all these times I found MakeOver colored makeup products are amazing!) and this is less than what I imagined it would be. The color combination is nice, but come on. It is swatched using my fingertips and they are still not that pigmented. When I put them on my lids? Don't ask. It's super hard to build the color even for the blue  (Midnight) one! 

For a palette, I think I would still prefer another cheaper palette with similar size and color range. I was amazed by MakeOver's Trivia Eyeshadow that I had, but this was just not as good as that one. Another fellow beauty blogger said the same thing too. So, super sorry but this is not written in my good book. :(

What about you? Do you have another opinion about this product? Tell me! ;)


  1. kalo diliat sekilas kayak palette eyeshadownya NYX yang ada 4 seri itu ci~


  2. sayang bgt palette nya g sesuai ekspektasi ㅠㅠ bikin repot klo fallout nya kmn2 smpe harus reapply makeup .


  3. egh ternyata masih kurang nendang ya jess beberapa warnanya :3 punyaku yg nude gak kliatan yang warna warna softnya

  4. Too bad! Higher expectation for this baby but somehow it's not that high >_<


  5. Syukurlah di aku yg nudes nggak fallouts Jess...Tapi memang warnanya kurang keluar terutama yang shimerry. Kalau yang matte lumayan kok...
    Nice review :)


  6. iya padahal aku juga excited sama warna birunya, tapi kurang pigmented ._.


  7. Yahh sayang banget cee nggak cocok :( iyaa sih dia agak kurang pigmented tapi di aku ga terlalu banyak fallout sih (?)


  8. sayang banget yaahh wrna birunya kurang pigmented, padhl sukak sm packagingnya lohh simple huhuu ternyata wrnanya kurang pigmented trutama yg shimerry yaa


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