12 Apr 2017

[REVIEW] Ombre Lips with The Balm Pick Up Liner + Read My Lips Lip Gloss

Hi beauties!

I am so excited this time to share with you about my favorite brand's new hotties! Yup, as you can see from the picture I took, it is very clear from the packaging design, these babies were produced by theBalm. :p

I feel so grateful that Clozette and The Balm sent me 3 shades of the new Pickup Liners (lip liner) of my choice, plus one another lip product from the Balm. I was intrigued to choose the well known Meet Matt(e) Hughes but finally I decided to choose the Read My Lips Lip Gloss in Zapp!

And I made several ombre looks plus a brief tips on how to create different kind of ombre lips using these products. Let's stay tune! ;)

For the packaging, you'll always notice that they are the Balm and spot them easily on stores because they're just so unique and they have what other brands don't! That's why I love the Balm. They are always innovative with their products packaging, promoting and of course they come in a great quality too. Talking about it, I'll describe my thought below. :)

So creative! The Pickup Liners products with pick up lines dialogues on the packaging surface. xD

Let's talk about the Pickup Liners first. Let's play agree or not! They are claimed to be:

  • Last up to 8 hours (I agree with this one. Even after drinking and eating, they last sooo long without making my lips exfoliated because it is drying. Love love love!)
  • Gives solid form of color for lipsticks and make it lasts. (True. I've tried to combine these products with lipsticks, and they look just sooo pretty and the outlines are neat. It is so easy to make fine lines with Pickup Liners. Also making ombre lips are way easier when combining these lip liners with lipsticks.)
  • Feels so soft on lips. (Another agree, yes. It is so delicate that at the first time I tried my swatch it breaks a bit. x'D But don't worry, the swatch was on my hand. But on lips, they cooperate with your hand pressure very very well. It feels smooth, glides on easily without any mess.)
  • Super pigmented, so that the color pays off are high. (Another agree, lol. And the shades are just so beautiful. Each shades defines different charm and look for you. I don't have to rub my lips hard against the liners to have a great color payoff. They are incredibly pigmented without making your lips exaggerated. :p)
  • Sharpener included at the bottom of the liners. (Yes, and it helps a lot since you would want precise sharp lines for lips. And it is so practical that the sharpener attached to the pencil perfectly so that you won't have to worry it might get lost somewhere on your makeup pouch full of other stuffs. XD)
  • Creamy texture, so that it can be used to fill in the entire lips area. (Right. As you can see, at my first photo of me above, I fill my lips with this liner too. Hassle free, I didn't see any problem or difficulty filling my lips with the liner. Super love!)

 Also, this product is retractable. Which means no mess or afraid that it'd break when you sharpen them! So practical and I always love retractable make ups. You don't have to sharpen the body too like conventional pencils *eh. But you just need to sharpen the lip liner itself. Can you ask for more from this product???? :'D

These 3 are the shades that I choose. 
  • Fine all over is a bright red colored lip liner with a hint of fresh tangerine. Not too bold, has a scent of sweetness in the color. 
  • Chemistry is a gorgeous soft plum color. I think this color would be so pretty when used on fall times. 
  • I Really Dig You is a soft brown. So unique and the color reminds me of tanned skin. I never had this color of lip products before. This one is so pretty and I think I'll use this more often. Like my kind of nude. <3 Because not all nude colors suit fair skin. :(

Rating: 6/5 
I'll definitely collect the other shades as well! The quality is just so amazing and the shades come off beautifully so I see these guys worth the money!

Now let's talk about the lip gloss now. :D

This lip gloss contains many goodness for your lips. Like ginseng extract to rejuvenate lips and keeps your lips chewy! Hahaha. ;'D. It has SPF (that's why I love this!) to protect lips from UV and free radical like pollution out there. You won't want your lips get wrinkled and dark right? ><
Also this product contains Vitamin E to moist your lips. And Castor Oil which works to make the product glides on smoothly on your lips, also gives it a bit cooling sensation. Wow! Have you heard about these things in another lip gloss out there? No, I haven't! :p

So my thought about the color I choose, 'Zaap!' I love it. Even though I think it is quite different from the picture above but well. It is pretty! It has bright orangey red with subtle shimmers that gives a subtle glow to lips. The finish look on lips are amazing and beautiful!
It is not sticky and it smells so good. Like candy. xD 
This lip gloss really helps to moisture my lips so I don't have to apply lip balm anymore. ;) It gives glamorous look and I just love love love this product. x'D The Balm never fails to surprise me!

Rating: 5/5
Another shade? It's tempting! x'D I would say that this is a lot of product and it lasts quite long so I think maybe I'll have another shade as well to collect. ;D

This is the swatch of all of them.
Left to right: Pickup Liners Fine All Over, Chemistry, I Really Dig You, Read My Lips Lip Gloss Zaap!

Here are some ombre lips I made with the 4 products:

 Chemistry as the outline + I Really Dig You to fill in + Fine All Over in the middle

 Chemistry as the outline + I Really Dig You to fill in + Fine All Over in the middle + Zaap! as the top coat to give glamorous look

Fine All Over at the middle, blend in with concealer at the outer of the lips like Korean gradation lips + Zaap! at the middle of the lips to give juicy look

Chemistry in the middle + I Really Dig You at the outer lips. Draw outside your natural lip lines to achieve this charming look.

What do you think about these products?! Tempted to try? Or have you tried them too? Which ombre lips do you like the most?

Tell me on the comment section below! I'm not exaggerating any of my thoughts above, they are 100% my honest opinion and verdict about the products. ;) See you on my next post!


  1. aku suka kalau yg sudah ditambah sama lipgloss jadinya seksi banget...


  2. So pretty! Ahh suka bgt sm ombre lipsnya jess, pengen dipraktekin lgsg deeh

  3. uhh mau banget lip linernya cantik cantik banget warnayaa... :)


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