5 May 2017

[REVIEW] Save Up to $100 with Althea Green Yellow Box!

Hi J-pals!

It's another post about Althea but wait, don't think it would be the same like any other Althea-related posts because I am so excited to share with you guys my honest thought on my very first Althea Box! 

There are so many interesting items with many carefully picked products for every theme of the box by Althea Korea's team. Because me and other SBB members were sponsored by Althea Korea, we couldn't choose what box we will receive. I am not a big fan of trying new skincare so I didn't expect much from this box but now I see why does Althea Box makes many women craves for them!--Besides, you can save up to $100 for every Althea Box you purchased (because purchasing this box is way cheaper than purchasing each products individually) which is crazy!

Let's see what's inside the box and how do I like or dislike each one of them. ;D

This green and yellow box has a unique concept and I will let you see first the philosophy of this box and brief description of what you'll got if you buy this box. ;D

After quite a long post (images) xD...

Now let's move on to my brief review (aka. first impression) of these baes!

  • A'Pieu Gold Silk Blanket Mask
I must say that this mask is the most unique sheet mask I've ever tried. At first I was like, "why are there 2 chickens on the front side of the packaging? lol. xD". And what is the relation with the essence of the mask itself. Until now, I still don't really get it. xD

Well, all I know is that this pattern and texture of sheet mask (and because of the silk material too), it can hold and lock the moisture and the nutrition in the liquid and penetrate them to our skin effectively. The liquid itself helps to fulfil our skin needs for nutrition.

Because I couldn't smile, so I made a pout friendly face instead. =)). 
I like this mask as soon as I look at the sheet mask directly. It smells okay, just not bad. The sheet mask feels quite thick compared to usual white or transparent sheet mask and it has metallic 3D effect on the eyes, which I really like. My skin feels good and moisturized but I can't say much more about how it works on my skin, since it is a sheet mask and I need longer time of usage for this product. Maybe I will order this someday. Since it is unique and pleasurable to wear! ^^ No irritation, itchiness or so on.

  • VDL Color Correcting Primer #Mint
If you have followed my blog or Youtube for a while, you'll know that I would say good things about this product because this was one of my holy grail products last year. I had the #Lavender one and it was perfect to deal my dull skin. And this one is just as good as that one! (Even I don't have massive problem with redness on my skin).

I will write a full review about this product since now I have tried 2 variants of this product. I love this as a make up base / primer. From the elegant packaging (but you gotta be careful since it is made of glass. But I think you don't need to worry much if you're quite careful because the glass is quite thick before it reaches the primer product inside), good quality of pump which is just great and hygienic. The primer itself really helps to neutralize redness on skin as a prep before putting on other make up base and it holds anything you'll put after longer on your skin. It has a good oil control and I have tested this product with another similar primers, and so far this one is the best based on my verdict. I will definitely repurchase this product.

  • Skinfood Pure Cleansing Foam #Refresh

At first, I was quite confused because I thought the brand of this cleansing foam was Artiaum but it says Skinfood at the banner. Maybe Aritaum and Skinfood are the same? #perplexed. xD
However, if it's really Skinfood, this brand never cease to amaze me about their skincare quality.

Talking about the packaging, it is quite bulky and long and it amazes me that Althea was so generous to put this big guy in this value set box!

I don't know why do they call this variant 'Refresh' because it doesn't give squeaky clean filling with cooling or refreshing effect BUT I love this face wash! After a long long time, finally I use another face wash rather than my old holy grail and super duper favourite facial foam. xD 

This product has a nice smell and it feels so smooth on skin. It wasn't too bubbly but yes, it lathers. It keeps my face clean, no breakout or irritation and I that's just enough for me for a cleansing foam. ^^

  •  Petite Gold EGF Eye & Spot Patch

I have never tried any products from this brand before. But from what it looks like, this product makes me have a quite high expectation on it. I have an issue with dark spots and under eyes area because of lack of sleep. When I read the ingredients of this product, what I thought is this one looks so promising.

It feels nice to try eye and spot patch because I usually use creams only, maybe because that way it safes more time and more practical to do. xD Well, I can't say much too about this product and I think I need to at least finish half of the product before I can decide my whole verdict about this product. But so far so good, no irritation and it helps to moisturize my skin. :)

  • Gram Double Chemi BanBan Mask

This sheet mask is also a unique sheet mask. In 1 product, you'll get 2 pieces of products. One for your T-Zone and the other one for your smile line, chin and cheeks areas. So interesting, I know!

It looks like this when you apply it on your face. However, for the T-Zone mask, I don't really like it because for a sheet mask it feels quite weird to feel a sheet mask 'dry' and hard to peel because it is attached a bit firmly to my skin. ^^; For the yellow mask, I like it because if really moisturize the whole skin area with the sheet mask on. Both of them doesn't have strong aroma and they smell just okay. Sadly this one was unique but I don't see why I should purchase this again someday.

  • Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Powder

 At first I wasn't so interested with this product. I looks so tiny xD and I don't really have a problem with pore or oil control. I tend to prefer dewy look everyday and I barely use powder daily. But because of this product, now I think I'll need this! And because it comes in petite size, it makes it easier to bring anywhere, anytime. 

 I think most of Indonesian women will like this product since it works perfectly to minimize the oil on my T-Zone and prevent my makeup from melting during the hot days. Our country which has 'summer' like almost everyday sometimes makes my base makeup melt, which means it makes my makeup not long lasting. Now I have the solution!

Overall, I would repurchase another Althea Boxes! Even though I was sceptical too at first because I don't like buying random products I didn't know, it helps me discover many other great products out there. Also, I don't feel like feeling bad for my money if I really purchase this box and there are several products I don't like. I can't see big problems about the products and most of them impressed me. The other reviews I've read also saying that Althea Box are really amazing. I think their MD picked the product and match the theme very carefully and I bet it is a lot of work hard! I really appreciate it! The price also blows my mind since they are SUPER DUPER CHEAP AND WORTHED *sorry. If I sum up every single products, I would cost me more than $1000 but I can purchase all of them in this box for only about $30! xD

 Can you find this kind of deals in another platform? I don't see anywhere near. So, standing O for Althea Korea!

This post is a form of collaboration between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Althea Korea. However, all of my review are based on my honest opinion. Thank you so much SBB and Althea! I will write another review for another box I've purchased! Can you guess which box I will be reviewing next time? ;D


  1. Suka content2 di cc jes, tapi kalo berbahasa inggris gini pelan2 bacanya...hehe..#untukmemahami. Btw cc cocok engga pake VDL Primernya?

  2. wahh recomennded banget inih yah cee.. pengen nyobaaaa masker Altheanyaaa 😍😍😍

  3. Jadi ngiler pengen cobain semua kak πŸ˜… thank for good review kak, sukses selalu 😘

  4. ngiler banget kak, pengen mask nya aduhhhhh . thank for info ya kak :)

  5. aduhhh kak ngiler banget maskernya :)


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