22 Jun 2017

LAMICA x Bubah Alfian Brush Set

Como estas, J-Pals?!

In this post I will be talking about beauty tools I have received from Clozette Indonesia. I was so excited to try out Lamica's brush set which is special edition because this set is not just another brush set but these brushes were curated by the famous Indonesian makeup artist, Bubah Alfian!

So, in 1 brush set I got 6 brushes consisting of face and eye brushes, plus a beautiful mahogany brush pouch. Read the detail review below! ;)

So, this is the hamper's box I received. It was designed with linear pattern with gold print on it. Wow, Bubah Alfian's big signature!

These brushes were handmade and made with love. <3
In case you haven't heard about Lamica, I'll tell you brief introduction about Lamica.
LAMICA is a middle-end market brand. So they provide good quality products with affordable price. They were supported with efficient distribution system which makes customer easier to shop. LAMICA is known for producing brush with soft and convenient bristles. LAMICA wishes whoever uses LAMICA would feel proud for having them--as Indonesia's local brand. (and I would say I am agree with that. I am proud for LAMICA's quality for a local brand!)

LAMICA x Bubah Alfian Set.
This brush set is limited edition and specially curated by Bubah Alfian, one of many well-known MUA in Indonesia. Every brush in this set were brushes which are most used by Bubah Alfiah himself. Even the colors of the brushes were requested to be made elegant. With his experiences in beauty for years, Bubah Alfian has been known by many Indonesian celebrities because of his natural make up look. Moreover, he has gone internationally when it comes to do make up, like America's Next Top Model season 20. 

Can you name all of them? ^^ Let's read the description and my honest review.
  • Large Face Brush
With a full, dense and soft bristles, this fluffy brush is ideal for dusting on finishing powder onto the face to set your makeup.

 What I feel: Yes! My setting powder set perfectly with this brush. Not only setting powder, pressed powder or powder foundation can be applied easily and smoothly with this brush, since I think my other face brushes were bigger so automatically, they are less dense compared to this brush. So this brush works really well especially for applying powder foundation. :) Super soft, no itchy feeling on skin.

  • Blush Brush

The rounded head is perfect for giving a pop of color to the apple of your cheeks for a fresh look. This brush can also be used for finishing powder, contour or bronzer.

What I feel: This is a tapered blush brush and I have been craving to have one. So this is my very first tapered blush brush. I think this brush does the job very well for applying pressed powder blushes. The color blends easily, very well and the shape were just made perfectly for cheeks. If this brush is a bit bigger, it would be perfect for applying setting loose powder.^^ If you don't bring your fan brush or face highlighter brush with you, this might do the great job as well--with a little levitation. :D

  • Eye brushes
Let's see what we got here. From left to right, they should be: lip and liner brush, eyebrow brush, dome brush and flat blending brush.

• Flat Blending Brush : Apply eyeshadow effortlessly with soft edges result for a smooth professional look.
What I feel: It is super easy to apply base eyeshadow with this brush. The soft bristles allow colors blend smoothly on the crease. Oh, and no harsh feeling on the eyelid. <3
• Dome Brush : This dome shaped brush is a multi-talented! It will help you blend easily and softening any harsh lines.
What I feel: this brush works very nicely to blend harsh lines, just like what it claims. Pretty similar with what flat blending brush does, just because this brush is smaller and more round, it allows me to blend eyeshadows more precise in more specific areas.
• Eyebrow Brush : Perfect angled brush that will help you fill, define and shape eyebrows.
What I feel: If it comes to eyebrow, I think it would be nicer if this brush is a bit wider. BUT, that doesn't mean the quality isn't good. It is great. Really. Super soft, and if it is smaller, I swear it makes the best wing liner brush. xD
• Lip and Liner Brush : Designed with a precise tip to create perfect line for lip and eyeliner. Easy to control the movement with the soft and flexible head.
What I feel: I prefer this brush as a lip liner brush, since it has a sharp end. I'm just afraid it'd poke my eyeball since the bristles were firmly united. xD But if you aren't me in this case, this brush can be a great precise gel liner brush too. Super sharp edge, dense bristles. :) 

Overall, I would say it was an honour receiving this set. Every brushes are really soft, no hair falls. Everything until the details were made smoothly and flawless. They are just perfect! If you ask me what do I dislike about the product? I would say maybe I am not into the mahogany copper color. It'd be more elegant with black, but well. Anti-mainstream!

Oh, and for the pouch, it has leather texture outside with mahogany color. In my honest opinion, the interior part, from the material and design (until the smallest stitches), they were made very nice and way better than it looks from the outer side! >< Oh aaand, I just find out now--while blogging this article (I will update the picture!) that in the pouch, there were 2 net brush protectors. Great bonus for my bigger face brushes to keep them in shape. <3

I am impressed with their quality. I think Lamica is ready to compete with international brand and Bubah Alfiah also designed them very very well. Their combo are just a true match. <3 11/10. 

Anyway, I will be making tutorials with these brushes soon so stay tune on my youtube channel! ;) Thank you Lamica and Clozette Indonesia! <3 Shop now, it is available in Lamica's website but this limited edition set won't be there forever. <3

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  1. baguss yaa jd kepo ^^ sukak liat warna brush sm make up pouchnya <3 elegant gt

  2. Duhhh Jess,
    Racun abiss, brushnya bagusss...
    Omg.. ><
    Limited Edition lagi.. :3

  3. Naksir banget ama warnanya, keren dan elegan. Bangga brush lokal sekeren ini

  4. i really wantttttt that tapered blush brush for highlighting, will find single brush like that.



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