10 Jun 2017

[REVIEW] Mizon Correct Browcara #Brown & #DeepBrown + Mizon&PetitFee Mask

Hola J-Pals!
I am so excited to share with you about multiple products I have received from Elsyoung! There are 4 types in total which I will be reviewing one by one in this post. Before I start, I must say that I never bought any Mizon nor Petit Fee products.--even though I've tried some Mizon skincare products, but this time I will be reviewing their make up product. ;D

These products exactly are:
  • Mizon Correct Browcara in Brown
  • Mizon Correct Browcara in Deep Brown
  • Mizon Bio Collagen Ampoule Mask
  • Petit Fee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Mask (Petit Fee's latest product)

If I were you I would be curious about the masks because I just finally find out the reason why do I love using sheet mask starting from the time I have tried those masks above. xD

So, shall we start now? ;D

Let's talk about the Browcara first. They come in handy packaging which I really like because they are travel friendly. 

The packaging is sleek, comes in black cylinder with Mizon brand line and other texts with minimalist design. I think it leaves elegant look on their product.

Thank God the wand is not too long, because some other browcaras has long wand like mascara which I found it hard to make a neat shape for eyebrow. 

They are pigmented and covers my eyebrow colors perfectly. Love them! They are so longlasting that it stays even I if I rubbed my eyebrow with water. >< They also stays for a whole full day! Waterproof, sweat proof, natural finish, what can I ask again for more perfect eyebrow? ;D

Tips: if your eyebrows are thin or doesn't have a nice natural shape, you can start using this eyebrow mascara by rubbing it against the eyebrows first then start to draw the outline of the eyebrow shape you desire, then start filling the rest. ^^ Hassle free, so don't worry. They're easy to work with. ^^

*more images will be updated soon

This mask from Mizon feels comfortable and relaxing on skin. It claims to be lifting skin and I would say it works. My skin feels soft and super supple!
Similar to the Petit Fee's mask, the sheet mask is made of gel, not cotton. So both of them didn't leave sticky feeling because of excess liquid. I love how they deliver abundant moisture to my skin without making my skin feels greasy. So it is super easy to apply cream and other skin cares afterwards or base makeup without waiting them like forever to absorb. I think I will start purchasing these kind of sheet masks in the future! 💕

So, where can you find these products? You can buy them from Elsyoung (Instagram: instagram.com/elsyoungid). Why Elsyoung? Because they are firsthand Korean cosmetics distributor, and mostly for these brands which I found quite rare in other online shops in Indonesia. Then, it means the products Elsyoung sell are authentic and very safe. 

This post is a form of collaboration between Elsyoung and Surabaya Beauty Blogger. However, every thing I wrote above were my honest opinion. Result in every person might vary.

Which one are you interested in to try first? Tell me! See you on my next post. ;D


  1. Udah jarang pakai browcara, tapi kayanya enak deh si mizon. Jadi pengen coba. <3


  2. aku pengen nyoba maskernyaa <3 pasti adem bgt y jess :D eh pnasaran klo browcarany di alismu

  3. I love browcara too. It makes a huge difference on my eyebrow



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