1 Jun 2017

[UNBOXING] Beauty Delivery from Sigma!

Dear J-Pals,

I could not contain my excitement when I saw what's inside a big black box that is delivered to my doorstep! I couldn't believe it that Sigma (yes, you didn't read that wrong) sent me a big box full of beauty tools that I was just craving for. Pluuus, some of their latest innovative products. 

There are 4 products inside. 

There is one Brush Cup Holder #Black (Large), 1 set of Basic Eyes Kit, 1 3DHD Kabuki Brush and  a Brush Dry' N Shape Spa which really catches my attention because it is awesomely innovative--literally like nothing I have ever seen!

In this post I will tell you all of my first impression about each products. I will also having detailed review about each products. And of course, you'll see lots of them in my upcoming tutorials!

Want to know more? I had a feeling you will just want to know because these tools were my life saver! xD --or my make up babies saver. xD

Here, I will tell you my first impression of each products inside. But I will be writing detailed tutorial for each products, also some videos containing my new Sigma goodies!

  • Basic Eyes Kit
I was a bit jumpy (for good) when I saw this professional brush collection! I've been wanting high quality eye brush set ever since! And Sigma, as the brand I have been craving sent me this! I couldn't get any happier. :p

Inside, there are 6 eye brushes such as: Definer, smudger, crease brush, winged liner brush, 

I think they are just enough for those who are new to eye makeups. The quality of the product looks good because the paint and steel, the shape of brush, looks like they were carefully crafted.

  • Brush Cup Holder Large #Black
At first I was like, "Wow, this thing is super huge!." And yes, it was HUGE. 

It looks sturdy and thick, again, well crafted because all of the lining, button and everything were neatly made. Also I love how Sigma put their brand name all over the surface. :) It can fit about 6 big face brushes and some other small eye brushes, which are already comes in handy for me and is super convenient to be brought when I have to do my job or for travelling. 

This cup holder makes my brushes stands so it is way easier to use them while doing my makeup rather than looking for each of them all mixed in the pouch. Love it! Just because it is quite tall, short brushes might sink inside. xD
It really keep my brushes save with the elegant look from the outside. <3 Best cup holder I've ever had!

  • 3DHD Kabuki

 OMG! *sorry, I couldn't stop fangirling! xD
Look at this beautiful kabuki brush! It is so unique that I couldn't find any other kabuki brush like this. Now I know why Sigma is number one leading cosmetic (beauty tool) brand in innovation! At first I was wondering what should I do with the brush. After seeing it, I knew what this brush could do! ;D

Not to mention, the packaging is so unique. Wrapped in triangle plastic film and you can just pull it upward to touch the product. 

Well, let's say this post might be an introduction and a teaser of what I will be sharing next! The real deal will come soon. xD
I want to show my gratitude to Sigma for sending me these babies. All of them are (super honestly) amazing and has super minor down sides which I will also state later in my reviews. Overall, they are amazing and now I can't live without them!

Thank you so much Sigma!


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