14 Aug 2017

[REVIEW] Japan Softlens D-Silver

Hi J-Pals! Long time no see, huh?! I was in hospital and many things came up and finally I can continue writing! :) Happy to see you again. <3

As you might already know, I wrote a review about Japan Softlens' product several months ago which I super adore the pattern of their lenses. Now, I got the chance to review their product again with different type and color. *yeay! Big thanks to Japan Softlens and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for this collaboration. :)

Does this type does anything better or worse compared to the previous lenses I have tried from Japan Softlens? Hm, let's get to know more below. :)

I am happy that this type also has many minus ranges, so don't worry for you who has minus too. :)

At first, I thought the color would not really pop up and looks like more super soft grey. But I was wrong. The color was there, we can clearly see it. From distance, it looks like almost black and super natural. This type also doesn't make your eyes look bigger. Sometimes I like it that way for more natural look. The pattern is not exaggerating too so for you who are looking for natural looking colored lenses, here is the solution! :) Maybe if you want elegant and western looking look, this color and pattern might really suit you! :)

I feel comfortable wearing this lenses. No problem unless when it comes to removing the contacts from my eyeballs. Lol. It got a bit drying so it took quite some time to pull it out. Other than that, I have no problem! :)

Go purchase from Japan Softlens web and get free case every purchase. :) So you don't have to buy solution first to get free cases. xD 

Get to Know More:

Japan Softlens is an online shop platform that sells hundred of colored softlens which claimed to be super comfy when they are worn through out the day. Japan Softlens is well a well known platform, especially in Indonesia. As far as I know, Japan Softlens in one of the best online shop that sells softens in Indonesia. 

Instagram: instagram.cm/japansoftlens (visit for promos, tips, catalogues and many more!)
[Mobile / SMS] 0818-0790-9033
[Blackberry PIN] 2BF4B95D
[official LINE] @japansoftlens

Well then, have a great day and thank you for reading!

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