10 Dec 2017

[CULINARY] Ayam Gepruk Surabaya


Today I will be informing you something that is--finally--not about beauty-related! Hahaha.
*and believe me, I write this in the middle of the night with some concert in my belly. TT___TT

Well guys! For you who are simply chicken or Indonesian cuisine lovers, you should really check this out! And for you who loves sambal as well. Because this post is gonna be HOT. ;D

So there is a newly opened restaurant in Taman Gapura Citraland H8, Surabaya. 
There are so many chicken dishes but this one is made for you who loves spices with Indonesian style. 

Only with IDR 18.000 (duh, it is not even 2USD!) you can have 1 portion of rice, main course and a bowl of sayur asam (some kind of vegetables soup with salty and sour taste--believe me, theirs is sooo delicious).

And what are the main courses?
There are several choices.
Mine here is ayam gepruk. It is chicken smashed with some spices including chilli, pepper, onion and some other spices. Tastes so nice and you can choose the hotness level.
Secondly, there is ayam tepung. It is chicken fried with flour, so basically a bit look like KFC or MCd. But also smashed with the sambal and spices.
There is also babat and usus. Which means chicken's intestine and other innards.

You can also ask for other side dishes like fried egg (sunny side up), fried tofu and fried tempeh. :)

ps: order the orange juice. It is made from real oranges. xD So gewd!

So, thank you for reading and see you on my next post! ;)

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