11 Dec 2017

Moodmatcher, Lipstick That Can Change Color Depends on Mood?

Finally, it is another beauty product review!

I am so curious yet so delighted to tell you guys my opinion about this phenomenal product by Moodmatcher. 

I have been so curious about this product since long time ago but haven't got the chance to try one. The unique and daring colors of the lipstick makes it hard to choose which one I want--since I always like beauty products that are anti mainstream and out of the box!

Well, can you guess which one I choose and does it really turn out to be like what it says? 'Changing color' based on our mood? Check this out! ;)

So from all of the shades, I choose the black and light blue one. 

The color on the banner above really reflects the real color that I got from swiping the 2 lipsticks on my lips. 

The black one turned out to be more like a very bright fuschia. But luckily it didn't turn me into /ahjumma/. xD And the light blue one turn out to be a very soft pink color--like a lip tint.

  • Stays until 12 hours, despite the drinking and munching activities. xD Longlasting. <3
  • The shades are gorgeous!
  • Super unique colors and features
  • Doesn't transfer easily
  • Reasonable price

  • The smell and the taste feels like chemical for me
  • A bit drying

So, that's all for this lipstick! If you want to get to know more about how to purchase, etc: visit http://moodmatcher.co.id/. Thank you Moodmatcher and Surabaya Beauty Blogger for the opportunity!

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