22 Dec 2017

[REVIEW] Absolute New York Matte Stick Lipstick #Burgundy

Good day fellas!

Today I will be reviewing another matte lipstick and now it is Absolute New York's turn to be in the spotlight!

If you go to ANY's counters you will find so many shades of this retractable lipstick. I was confused to choose until I decided to pick the shade 'Burgundy' (NFA55). What about the real shade and the quality? Let's check this out! :)

The shape of the lipstick itself is like a flat formed lipstick.

I must admit the shade looks sooo gorgeous! It is a bright dark rose or berry, or a very light hued burgundy with I really love! It just popped out and gives beautiful shade to do ombre lips! :D

Left: several swipes ; Right: 1 swipe

  • The color is so gorgeous! It really matches my face features and my skin tone!
  • Gives a real matte finish

  • Life span after the opening date: 12 months
  • The chemical smells is too strong
  • It doesn't glides on smoothly over the lips, especially the inner part of the lips

Well, but if I wear this lipstick on top over liquid matte lipstick and make an ombre shade, the combo is just a bombshell for me and I'm loving it! But I can't stand wearing this lipstick alone. :( Have to reapply many times yet it still only pigmented at the outer side of the lips and it looks weird and uneven.

Thank you Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Absolute New York for the chance! After this I will be reviewing their single eye shadow. See you on my next post! ^^

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