22 Dec 2017

[REVIEW] Absolute New York Eye Artiste #Pixie Dust

As I promised, here is another review from the brand Absolute New York. This time I will be sharing my thought to you guys about their single eyeshadow, Eye Artiste in Pixie Dust.

They have several shades, maybe around 10 shades if I was not mistaken. There are mattes and shimmery(s). The only one who caught my eye is this beautiful shimmery pinkish champagne shadow. So how does the quality and the shade performance?

  • It is not so chalky. Love the texture
  • The color is pigmented
  • The shade is so gorgeous, can be used as the highlighter for eyes
  • Quite longlasting and popped out even without primer!
  • No weird chalky smell
  • Cruelty free

  • Life span after the opening date is 24 months
  • Comes with an okay but fine applicator

Cons: - nothing so far!

Overall, I love this eyeshadow. I bring this single shadow everywhere as it beautifully highlight my tear duct. The color is more to pink than to yellow--for anyone who wonders. So if you are planning to highlight your cheeckbone with this shade, think twice if you have tanned or yellow skin tone. The texture is nice to be used to highlight the nosebridge, cupid bow and tear duct, as well as brow bone. But for cheek bone, forehead and chin, make sure you have pink undertone or else it might look a bit weird. 

And for those wide areas I suggest you to blend this patiently because this one is not a chalky tipe of eyeshadow, but more likely an eyeshadow which works super well to highlight the tear duct! *lol

Sorry, hope you get it well!

Thank you Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Absolute New York for the chance! Don't forget to visit: ABSOLUTE NEW YORK MATTE STICK LIPSTICK in Burgundy. See you on my next post! ^^

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