1 Jul 2018

[REVIEW] Clinelle Caviar Gold Skincare Set

Hello guys!
It's been a long a long time now since I wrote my own post. Before, I used to delegated everything to my co-writer. You know sometimes, being too busy, exhausted. You know the struggle right?!

Now that's why I think I almost always forget about my skin care lately. Especially when I came home at 10 pm and I got no energy left to erase my make up, there you go. Worse skin condition. Make up 'night mask' will clog pores and I was pretty oblivious about that.

Until I start to notice that my skin getting older and has more wrinkles! *NOOO!
I know it is my fault anyway. :( But thank God, this skincare sets help me to get back on track and slowly but surely I can see improvement to my skin.
I will tell you everything I think about this Clinelle Caviar Gold line, without secrets. My pro and con points in each products--after using them for 3 weeks now. Let's get down to the business, shall we?

Formulated with Triple-Gold Super LIFTING & FIRMING Complex, it contains powerful and effective paraben free, youth restoring ingredients
  • repair:  with Caviar Extract that slows down aging process
  • refine: with 24K Nano Gold which reduces wrinkle and promotes V-contouring
  • reshield: with PhytoGold Extract that whitens and promotes skin renewal for younger skin

  1. Clinelle Caviar Gold Foaming Cleanser - 50ml

Let's talk about the basic first. 
It claimed to be: A foaming gel cleanser that deeply cleanses skin of impurities and dullness without over-drying. Skin feels refreshed, soft & ready for treatment products.

The very first thing I notice about this foaming cleanser is the pretty color it gives and subtle gold sparkles in it. The lotion, serum and eye serum also have it. 

  • Good oil control. I don't feel my skin produces too much oil through the day, unlike some other cleansers who 'moisturizes too much'. Tested after cleansing my face with this cleanser without wearing makeup at all until the day finishes.
  • My skin feels soft and a bit brightener after using this cleanser for a while. 
  • The smell is a bit strong and it is a bit weird, for my taste at least. ^^; Sorry to say but it smells like mixed herbs and I don't really enjoy it. Not a relaxing time to wash my face. But well as long as you seek for the quality this point will be no problem!

2. Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Lotion - 180ml

A highly concentrated yet lightweight face lotion that minimizes pores, refines texture and allow better penetration of subsequent skincare products. 

  • The hole in the packaging makes it easy to measure how much product coming out.
  • I looove how glowing my skin is after applying this lotion! 
  • definitely see my pores start to minimizes
  • Harsh texture of my skin is finally decreasing! My skin feels softer but better. Before using this, when I touch my skin or look at the mirror very closely I can see some kind of small bumps/pimples on my skin. That's what makes make up look bad and uneven on our face. Especially when harsh light from above you strikes you! You can definitely see how harsh the surface of your skin is! xD Thank God I found this lotion. ;)

  • I love this skincare line so I brought this when I was travelling. The cap easily opened even it is actually attached to the container body. I hope next time they can make a more secure cap/lid to prevent leaking.

3. Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Serum - 30ml

An intensive face serum that lifts, firm and provides long-lasting effects. Helps reduces wrinkles, discoloration and age spots. Skin is uplifted, firmed and brighter.


  • I love the sophisticated packaging and how it suits the concept of gold thingy. :p
  • Doesn't feel sticky on skin. Quickly absorbed to the skin
  • I feel like my smile line visibility is decreasing so I really look forward on using this serum for a long time!
  • No break out, no irritation.
  • Acne scars diminishes faster than it used to be! *yeay
  • Might work for skin pigmentation like dark spots but I haven't see significant result. I know this one is a hard deal, so I gotta be patient about the result when it comes to skin discoloration. :) 


4. Clinelle Gold Caviar Eye Serum - 15ml

Firming Eye Serum firms, lifts and lightens in one brilliantly executed formula, employing advanced technologies and Triple-Gold Firming and Lifting Complex ingredients to zero in on a specific challenge. It also provides instant hydration, while smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishing the sensation of puffiness, banish dark circles, improving elasticity and firmness. Skin’s surface is refined and restored. 

  • My eyes area feels more moisturized without any irritations (I used some other eye serum and I it made me grow white hair, like friggin weird! -_-)
  • It really reduces my eyes puffiness
  • Fine wrinkles diminishes, yes! It's not a lie, people.

  • I might have a severe dark circle condition, haha! I didn't see much improvements on this. Maybe I should wait a little longer!


5. Clinelle Gold Caviar Cream - 40ml

The CavairGold firming moisturizing cream with an advanced formula that face moisturizes deeply and restore elasticity. Helps elevate natural contours and protects the skin from accelerated aging. Skin is firmed, nourished and protected.

  • Comes with a mini spatula so it is hygienic
  • Doesn't feel sticky on skin
  • Nice and calming smell
  • I feel my skin is getting more healthier day by day. It feels like my skin is just being repaired on progress. :)
  • I really see my redness on skin especially near my nose stars to disappear, slowly but sure. 
  • My skin feels tighter and firmer. Trust me I've already tried several well known anti aging products even I am on the early 20s. But this one so far is the best. Moreover when we know the price is only around 300k!
  • No breakout or even white heads appear


6. Clinelle Gold Caviar Firming Facial Mask

The Clinelle CaviarGold Series is empowered by its extravagant Triple Gold Lifting and Firming Complex, with these key luxury ingredients that deliver immediate and long-lasting effects.

 Here's a picture of me trying out the mask. It feels refreshing, doesn't smell bad like the cleanser! lol. XD 
I'd love to repurchase this sheet mask because I could definitely see in the next morning (I prefer using this at night before going to sleep so it'd be absorbed to skin better) that my skin is firmer and glowy, super soft and feels like the elasticity improves. :) I'm looking forward for the long run!

This was taken at the second week using these Clinelle Caviar Gold products. And I'm still using them all until today. :) You can see the difference right? I can tell my skin is glowing every morning now! Hahaha.. No new issues to the skin, also! ^_^

Once again, not to mention they all worth the price. Now I believe achieving young skin would only need consistency and a bit $$$ for maximum result! Ps: I don't think I need to go to clinics again for rejuvenation after using these products.

I've told you everything and how much I love each of the products differently, and what I dislike about them. So, which one you would like to try first? ;)

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