23 Oct 2018

[REVIEW] Esqa The Goddess Cheek Palette (+ Comparison to Similar Product)

Remember my last review about The Balm The Manizer Sisters--a palette which has a highlighter, a blush on and a bronzer in it? Well today I will be reviewing a similar product but this one is an Indonesian local brand product which comes from a quite new cosmetic brand, Esqa. 

To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this palette. But let me tell you one by one about what I think about this palette. PS: I will be comparing this palette a lot to the Manizer Sisters palette from The Balm because they are similar.

Want to know how do I really think about this palette and who wins the battle? Read my full honest review below. ;)

14 Oct 2018

[REVIEW] The Balm The Manizer Sisters Palette

Hello J-Pals!
It's been a while since my last review, but starting from now--again--I'm gonna write more reviews since I have so many products and I want to share my verdicts to you!

Okay, right on to the point. I know most of you already heard about this trio in one. I already had this palette since like a year ago but still, I haven't got the time to tell you guys what I think about this palette.

This product was a hit around 3 years ago and I got everyone saying that it was amazing, especially the highlighter. Well, I'll tell you my super honest review now. :)


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