14 Oct 2018

[REVIEW] The Balm The Manizer Sisters Palette

Hello J-Pals!
It's been a while since my last review, but starting from now--again--I'm gonna write more reviews since I have so many products and I want to share my verdicts to you!

Okay, right on to the point. I know most of you already heard about this trio in one. I already had this palette since like a year ago but still, I haven't got the time to tell you guys what I think about this palette.

This product was a hit around 3 years ago and I got everyone saying that it was amazing, especially the highlighter. Well, I'll tell you my super honest review now. :)

First of all, we know that this palette has 3 kind of products in 1. The Marry-Lou Manizer as the highlighter, the Cindy-Lou Manizer as the blusher and Betty-Lou Manizer as the bronzer. All of them are also sold separately by The Balm.

The Balm has always been amazing about the product concept and naming, they're so cute tho! Hahaha. The packaging is nice too, I always love the Balm's palette packaging. Not only cute but also most of them are light but protects what's inside almost perfectly. The magnet attached perfectly and even if we might accidentally fail them to the ground--lol, as long as it is not that hard, they all are still good. Compared to the thin plastic packaging. It is made of some kind of very thick and sturdy yet light carton.

Okay, move on to the shade and quality per pan.

  • Marry-Lou Manizer
    I didn't buy the single version because I was curious about their blusher and bronzer as well. My first impression about this highlighter was like, "what.... But everyone says it is so damn good that almost all beauty gurus have it." It was not that good like what people say. It was just so-so. That's what I thought that time.

    But if this highlighter is hit by professional photo lighting, it reflects the light very good--well I didn't see that but my friend says my highlighter that time was on point. Lol. I didn't see anything significant in front of the mirror. It IS tolerable, but just not that good.

    But what I like about it, the color really suits my skin tone. It has subtle glow and the color is like a lighter shade of champagne.

    Also, if you magnify from the image above you can see that this highlighter is actually pigmented. Just it doesn't glow as nice as the Tarte's one. The Tarte one catches the glow better even though I prefer The Balm's highlighter shade. 
  • Cindy-Lou Manizer
    The shade is like rosy pink with subtle shimmer in it. It is pretty for girls with light skin tone, I think. Because it is not that pigmented and the shade is like very soft on skin. So people with darker skin tone, I think this one is not for you. You'll need some time to build up on the blusher. And also, I bet the highlighter is gonna be too light. Even for me with quite fair skin tone, I wished the blusher could be a bit more pigmented. ^_^;
  • Betty-Lou Manizer
    This bronzer...has shimmers in it. So I can only use it on my cheek bone and that's it. I can't use it too much anywhere else like on the edges of my face like my forehead. I also cannot use it on my nose. It is too dark. For a bronzer this is too pigmented, I think. My friends also said like your bronzer is too visible today. Ugh. Hahaha.

So that's what I think about this palette. Overall, I think this would be nice for people with medium to light skin tone and loves practical thing, travel a lot. Who doesn't want to bring much products in their case. This one might be for you. 
The price is not that expensive too, it is around IDR 310.000 or around $27. But beware of fake products! This gal was a big hit at the market that it makes people starting to create the replica or fake version of this product. 

Will I repurchase this? No, absolutely no. I keep using this just because this is practical to bring and it has 3 products in 1 palette. But, once again it is so so. It lasts up to 2 years and yeah, since it is not yet finished I just keep using this palette. Now I've got way better highlighter, bronzer, blusher. Even they don't come in one palette.

After this I also gonna review Esqa The Goddess Cheek Palette which is an Indonesian local brand product but has the same concept as this palette with different style. Will it beat this palette? Stay tuned. ;)


  1. Aku suka paletnya the balm. Praktis bgt soalnya n warnanya subtle tp keliatan. Kl yg nyala bgt penasaran sm becca ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Memang the best sih masalah highliter si the Balm ini suka bangett thank youuuu sudah di review๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

  3. Aku kira ini trio highlighter untuk 3 skin tone yg berbeda lhoo
    Soale agak aneh menurutku klo blushon n bronzer yg pake shimmer hehe

  4. yahh racunn bgt jes, jadi kepengen kan aq๐Ÿ˜†

  5. Omg, kalo bronzer aku suka bahama mama nya cee.. trus marry lou memang lebih ke natural glow gt.. kalo kena lighting yg oke jadi bagusss๐Ÿ˜›...

  6. Akhirnya ada jg temen yg blg kualitasnya soso Sudah kuduga ga se epic yg diomongin aku sempet coba waktu beauty class apa dicounternya gitu masih byk hiliter brand lain yg performanya sama tp dg harga yg lebih murah


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