23 Oct 2018

[REVIEW] Esqa The Goddess Cheek Palette (+ Comparison to Similar Product)

Remember my last review about The Balm The Manizer Sisters--a palette which has a highlighter, a blush on and a bronzer in it? Well today I will be reviewing a similar product but this one is an Indonesian local brand product which comes from a quite new cosmetic brand, Esqa. 

To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this palette. But let me tell you one by one about what I think about this palette. PS: I will be comparing this palette a lot to the Manizer Sisters palette from The Balm because they are similar.

Want to know how do I really think about this palette and who wins the battle? Read my full honest review below. ;)

Both of them don't come with a brush but come with a mirror. I prefer a palette with a mirror than a brush, tho. Because using palette brush mostly won't satisfy me. I will still bring a proper brush for each functions. But I need mirror when I rush going somewhere and have to do my makeup in the car. Hahaha, lol.

I'm not really into a packaging person so about the design I won't say much. Both are nice. Esqa looks simply glamorous, yet The Balm looks fun and unique. But what I dislike about this Esqa palette, is that the highlighter cracks and breaks into pieces soooo easily. I don't really know if it is also because of the packaging, but what I am sure about it is also because of the highlighter itself is so easy to get shattered. While the Balm one, is perfectly put and never cracks. Super safe for travelling. <3

The Esqa one leaves some golden crumbs of highlighter everywhere. In my backpack, case, desk, locker. -__-) But this happen to be the only thing I dislike about this palette. I hope they really fix this issue since I think this is such an amazing palette.

Talking about each pans,

What the product claims to be:
RHEA Bronzer: The perfect natural matte bronzer that suites every skintone APHRODITE Blush: Enhance the color of your cheeks with our peachy-pink matteblush ASTERIA Highlighter: Natural shimmery champagne highlighter for the perfect glow

My version:
  • Rhea, the bronzer. I like this bronzer because the color is not too pigmented as a bronzer and it is matte. A significant contrary to the Balm's palette. I can use this to shade my nose, also for my cheekbone. I just need to build it up a little bit. But the brown color is not so dark so I think girls with very dark skin tone won't like this bronzer since it has quite medium to light shade level of brown. Would rate this 4.8/5. <3
  • Aphordite, the blusher. I loooove this blush on since the very first time I tried to swipe it with a brush over my cheeks! The color is so lovely. It is like a rosy pink but has a hint of peach. So it is gives a natural warm and fresh finish to my face. It is not so shimmery. The pigmentation is just right. I loooove the blusher so much. Would rate this 5/5. <3
  • Asteria, the highlighter. Once again, I will use the word 'looove'. Hahaha! This is such an amazing highlighter. It catches the glow perfectly. In pictures or in front of them mirror, it's just perfect. Best local highlighter ever. I have a quiet fair skin tone so it is a bit too warm for me. I need a bit fairer shade of this highlighter! It'd be amazing. >_< Sometimes when I want to wear a darker shade of foundation I always use this highlighter. Since many Indonesian women has darker skin tone than mine, I bet this will really really work perfectly on most of Indonesian women's skin. But sadly it is so delicate that it can be easily shattered like I said before. :( Would rate this 6/5!!

Overall, for a new local brand product I wasn't expecting that the price would be higher than IDR 250.000. But I guess after knowing the quality and the brand profile I can relate why they set up such price. Will I repurchase? Yes! A bit surprising right. For me personally, this time local brand beat my very favorite brand, The Balm. So are you going to give this product a try too? :)

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