28 Jan 2019

Avene Hydrance Optimale Aqua cream-in-gel

Hi J-Pals!

It's time for another review! 
This time I will be sharing my honest opinion about a unique cream--because it is in gel form--by Avene. As we all know, Avene is one of many leading cosmetic brands that cares about sensitive skin, even for babies. 

This latest cream from Avene claims to be a multi function skin care with light and non-sticky texture. 

Okay, we'll see more what's on reality! Keep reading, folks> ;)

So this cream claimed to have 5 benefits for our skin.
They are:
  1. Giving maximum hydration. Meiboserine & Lipomucine assure your skin to have optimum and long lasting hydration--which is our skin's main necessary. 
  2. Giving matte finish. Cucurbita pepo to give matte and glowing result.
  3. Works as antioxidant. Pre-tacopheryl: patented formula. It has the power of giving antioxidant for skin.
  4. Improve skin tone. The Myrtus extract helps brighten skin.

  • This cream really gives a long lasting hydration without making my skin feels oily and sticky at all! I think so far this product is the most easily-absorbed cream I've come across so far. It feels amazing to have it on my skin, even if I want to put extra layer on my skin. x) This cream really helps me to save time as I am a busy lady. I can't always wait for some cream to be absorbed to skin for like 10 mins! Ugh. 
  • I don't find any trouble on my skin after using this for about 10 days.
  • This cream feels so comfortable on skin right after applying it or through hours. The texture is just so good that it really feels like gel but has the benefits of a cream!
  • It makes my skin feels more supple, glowing and hydrated. No dull face and stressed skin again!
  • Suits all skin type, including the sensitive one.
  • The packaging is safe enough to travel.
  • It comes with a mini spatula which is actually super useful and keep the product safe from bacteria. What I like is that even though the packaging already sleek and tiny enough, I'd say, the spatula can fit inside of it. So we don't get the hassle to lose the spatula because it is too big and has to be brought separately from the jar. Oh God, this is what I need all the time from a cream spatula! Lol. So handy and practical!

Can't find any so far. Hahaha!

Okay, that's the review and if you want to get to know more about this product, or the brand or the other products in this skincare line please visit Avene ID Instagram or Avene's Website. Don't forget also to check out Clozette Indonesia for daily beauty tips just for you! ;)

Thank you Clozette Indonesia and Avene for the chance! I'm delighted to get to try this cream. <3
See you on my next post! :)

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