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Achievements and Awards.

Given from Jesus for me, given from me to my parents, my family, my lover, my friends, my readers. <3

  1. Guest speaker in Centro Beauty Bash 2015 as Beauty Blogger under the age of 20 (December, 24th 2015)
  2. Guest star and make up demo at Tunjungan Plaza Mall Surabaya with Caring by Biokos at July 23rd 2017
  3. Guest speaker at Natur Hair Dating about hair fall on May 20th 2017
  4. Entrepreneur Award as The Best Seller of all pupils of 2014 by Univesitas Ciputra 
  5. Writing contest winner about My Style about Beauty & Fashion by Regina
  6. Writing contest winner about Me and False Lashes by Nila ft. Yukkiyuna Lashes
  7. Photo contest winner from Cottage Campaign April 2014 about My Passion
  8. Finalist Indonesian Beauty Blogger ft Silky Girl Makeup Challenge June 2014 with theme Smokey Look
  9. Finalist Top10 Menard Healthy Glow Makeup Challenge
  10. Finalist The Balm Voyage Australian Makeup Inspired by The Balm ft. LotteMart & Pollishwonderland
  11. Guest speaker in Bali Beauty Blogger Gathering about Social Media and Blog Traffic Tips and Trick (December, 23rd 2016)
  12. 2nd Winner (national level) Youtube Dance Cover Competition by Peruci Ciputra University
  13. Hosting Frozen Age Pre-Launching in Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya (May, 6th 2017)
  14. Yevi Ng's Kpop Makeup Challenge ; #2nd place winner (click the title for details of the makeup)
  15. 1st Winner in Kpop Competition Makeup Contest @Mall Bali Galeria (Bali Region level)
    Well.. I'm pretty sad they didn't give me the picture documentation when I receive the prize :(
    But I'm happy already by winning this and I can't make it without Jesus. ^_^

    taken by Samuel T. Thank you ! ^^

1st Liebster Award - 5 words about me and my 5 top makeup
2nd Liebster Award - Lil story about what inspire me to blog + how do I like/dislike me name. Me using hair color editing tool. :D 
3rd Liebster Award - My role model celebrity and places I want to go <3
4th Liebster Award - 'Someone' or 'Something' to reach?

5th Liebster Award - What part of my face that I like / dislike? My HG products?
Liebster Blog Award Badge - vintage edition
6th Liebster Award - My favorite people on earth + new blog design

7th Liebster Award - Me and Patricia from Angie Beauty Diaries

Versatile Blogger Award -  7 secrets---oops xD----facts about me xD
Sunshine Blogger Award - 11 Facts about Me + Lil Secret xD

2nd Sunshine Blogger Award - My All Holy Grail Makeups & Celeb-Beauty Inspired 

Very Inspiring Blogger Award - 7 Facts About Me


  1. blognya keren banget, banyak achievement sama awardsnya >__<
    suka deh baca reviewnya sama dapetin info2 tentang giveaway disini hehehe..
    aku newbie di blogger, ga gitu ngerti cara hias blog sama bikin tab di blog gitu.. suatu saat mau juga dpt award2 kyk gini hehe
    btw thanks udah mampir ke blogku :D

    1. Sama2 dear ^^ Blogger kan sama2 sharing :)
      Semoga blog kita makin berkembang ya ^^
      Thanks for visiting too :)


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