The reviews I have in this blog are all my frank opinion about the products I've reviewed--sponsored or non-sponsored products. The result of cosmetics may be vary. Every body has different skin type.

For sponsored / endorsed products, I tag them : 'sponsored', but I didn't put them on the title of the posts I made. Please note that, still, I only write my honest opinion about whatever I write ^^

I apologize if there is/are grammar error(s) on my blog. My mother tongue is Bahasa Indonesia so I'm trying my best to write in English so that --hopefully-- everyone can read my blog. ^_^

The watermarked pictures are all taken by me and the non watermarked pictures are taken from the internet (I'll try to attach the source too, they tend to be taken from google.com or from my friends who took the pictures.  ^_^)

Credit to several watercolor graphics on my header: http://www.welivedhappilyeverafter.com/2015/12/sale-woodland-christmas-graphics.html


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